About Veronica

For years, I hated making bracelets, only having the garish-plastic-beads-that-wouldn't-stay-on-the-ever-snarled-string that were abundant throughout my childhood. But for my tenth birthday, several of my friends got me beading kits. At first, I didn't know what to do with them. Should I attempt to make the necklaces and bracelets that they advertised on the colorful packages? Should I throw them away? Should I give them to someone who actually liked beading?

These new materials were definitely finer than those that I was used to, so I tried them. My first project was making my sister's Christmas present, since Christmas was just around the corner. It came out as a pair of heavy, five-inch-long earrings and a hideous wire necklace, but I was proud of them.

That Christmas my parents, seeing a bit of talent in my crude creations, presented me with lots of nice beads, good twine, and elegant clasps. That day, I made eight rather nice bracelets. My workmanship was nothing compared to what it is now -- random, sloppy knots, too long, or too short bracelets -- but I had an eye for patterns, so my parents have kept up a steady stream of beads till now, three years later.

I now buy most of my own beads, the exceptions being Christmas and my birthday, and the occasional-bracelet-when-I-had-nothing-better-to-do has turned into an obsession!

I love my bracelets and am very proud of them.

(However, as do those in any trade, I always want to upgrade my style, workmanship, and the variety of my work. Send me any comments you have to veronica@beadzville.com.

-- Veronica --